Quebec 2019

Quebec Day 1: Fancy Feast

Five friends, each brought together by a desire for friendship and adventure decided to plan a trip to the most dangerous and remote of North American destinations reachable by car: Quebec City, Canada. There will be bitter cold. There will be icy car rides. There will be awkward language barriers.   But first there will… Continue reading Quebec Day 1: Fancy Feast

Turkey 2019

Antalya Day 3: Naked And Afraid

It was the last fun day of our trip, and we wound up sleeping in a bit later than intended. Luckily we were still able to make it up in time for our free breakfast, with not a second to spare. Turns out it wouldn’t have really mattered if we were too late. This was… Continue reading Antalya Day 3: Naked And Afraid

Turkey 2019

Cappadocia Day 3: Desert Delerium

So with the knowledge that I wasn’t going to be able to go up in a balloon myself, I decided to try and get up to watch the hot air balloons from my terrace. It required a 5am wake up call. I should have gone back to bed immediately after realizing that literally no one… Continue reading Cappadocia Day 3: Desert Delerium