Family Trips

St. Louis, Spring 2009

I decided to start this blog with the first trip during which I started collecting postcards. I was seventeen, full of teenage angst, being dragged on my brother’s week-long baseball trip to a very humid part of the country, and I wanted something interesting to do. So I started collecting postcards at every site we visited that sold them.

This trip was a few years ago (2009, yikes…), but I remember a few good highlights. Of course we did all of the mandatory St. Louis things. We went up the Gateway Arch, which involved a tiny cubicle elevator which seemed to be like some kind of Walt Disney World Peoplemover but without the magic. And then when we got to the top, we were greeted by a very neat view, but a sudden discomfort and instability in both our balance and our trust in any architecture whatsoever. But it was cool and we had to do it. We also went on a Riverboat Cruise on the mighty Mississippi. This was going to be cool. It was a Mark Twain-era boat that would coast us up and down that legendary flume on a bright sunny Missouri day. It was going to be a Huck Finn and Jim style adventure! But it was a little too bright. There were no shady spots on the boat and I got the worst sunburn of my life. Just like in the book….

On other, less-sunburn-ridden days, St. Louis was pretty fun. We went to Six Flags, which was a welcomed rush for my thrill-seeker side. The Mr. Freeze Coaster is still one of the more thrilling rides I’ve ridden in my life of coaster enthusiasm. On another day we went to the St. Louis Zoo. I can’t remember it too much, but I do recall staring at prairie dogs for an extended period of time and being 100% fascinated.

But my favorite event of the whole trip was when Mom and I got to go the the Muny, an outdoor theater within the Central-Park-type area within the city. We got dinner before at a cute little outdoor restaurant, then took our seats at the arena. It was a perfect night, the weather was crisp but not cold. Our seats were excellent. We went to see Godspell, which was good for what it was. I’m more of a classic, story-driven, loud music, colorful costumes musical type girl, but the venue made the whole experience excellent.

St. Louis was the first trip where I felt myself enjoying a new place just because it was new. I had some good times and some boring times: we spent a few downpouring afternoons playing Bejeweled Blitz in the hotel room. But overall it was a good time.

And I apologize for the absence of photos. I’m sure we have some, but they’re not on my computer and this was before Mom religiously put photos on Facebook.

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