Family Trips

Quebec City, 2011

Ah Quebec City, the trip that taught me to put mayonnaise on french fries…

This was my first real adult trip. I got to drink wine. I was happy going on walking tours instead of riding roller coasters. It was a good trip.

Highlights included strolling around the cobblestone streets of the city doing lots of shopping. Getting breakfast every morning from the farmer’s market: they had every kind of food in its most delicious variety. We got to see the most beautiful church I have ever been in (Sainte Anne de Beaupre). Then we got to walk along the Chute Montmorency. I remember wearing a skirt and having to hold it down in the wind!


We also got dinner at the Chateau Frontenac, which could have possibly been the fanciest restaurant I’ve ever been in. And of course, in true annoying young adult fashion, I spent all of dinner teaching my cousins how to make a musical instrument out of a water glass. Y’know, when you run your finger over the rim until the glass starts humming. I saw a couple of snooty heads turn. But hey, we were having fun.

Also, one of the cooler things we got to do was see a free, outdoor production of Cirque Du Soliel. We piled into this open lot surrounded by thousands of other people to see the show. It was just as good as the one I’ve seen at Disney. Especially the trampoline acts. The former tumbler in me loves to see what they can do with trampolines.P1010116.JPG

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