Family Trips

Disney Reunion 2011

So we got the whole Crocker-Ellis-Solomon clan together for a good ole fashioned family reunion at Disney World. Matching T-shirts included. We stayed in a giant villa off property and spent 7 days galavanting around Disney and Universal at holiday time. I don’t have too many vivid memories at this trip, because it occurred in a blur in which I was too focused on moving down there in a few weeks.

My one vivid memory was on our last day. We were at Epcot on New Years Eve and I had never seen a Disney Park more crowded. Walking through World Showcase was like trying to navigate a clogged drain pipe. It was uncomfortably crowded. But that didn’t mean the youngest generation didn’t want to stay. The rest of the family decided otherwise. But our one condition was that Drew, Justin, Owen and I wanted to ride Test Track before we left. Well, the line for Test Track was 3 hours long. This was upsetting. So we went to guest relations, told our sad story, and eventually they wrote us a “No Strings Attached” (which, for non cast members, is a magical yellow piece of paper that allows us to do or buy anything specified by the person who wrote it.) We were able to get on the ride and get out, feeling like VIPs. The one regret: no New Years Disney Fireworks for us.

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