Family Trips

Washington DC 2012

On my way down to Orlando, FL, where I would spend 4 months working at Disney World, my Grampa and I stopped in the Washington area to visit my Auntie Brenda, Uncle Mark, and cousins Justin and Owen. We spent one day of the visit galavanting the city of DC, where I had never been before! It was freezing that day. But we bundled up and walked, hunched over for warmth, to complete our one-day-tour of the nation’s Capital.

Our first stop was the National Archives. Let’s be real, I was less excited to look at the actual Declaration of Independence, and more excited to pretend I was in National Treasure. It was located in a big, domed-ceiling room that echoed every time someone stepped. It kind of felt like an empty church. The Declaration itself looked like a fragile piece of tissue paper enclosed in class. It was really cool to see the actual document itself, ink smudges and all!

Next we were off to the American History Smithsonian. This is the one that has all of the pop culture exhibits, so it was my top choice. I totally geeked out when I saw Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers. Lincoln’s hat was even cooler, with the worn satin starting to fade. Though one of my favorite exhibits was the one that displayed the gowns worn by the First Ladies. It was like a timeline of conservative fashion!

From the Smithsonian we walked down the National Mall, through the blistering cold. We took pictures in front of all the monuments. The Washington Monument was closed (this was during that time when it cracked) but we got to take pictures in front of it. We got to see the Lincoln Memorial and listened to a National Park Ranger give us a one-on-one tale of how the Gettysburg address was delivered. My favorite monument was the World War II Memorial. I liked walking around in a circle and seeing every state represented. Don’t ask me why, I just thought it was pretty.

Our final part of the tour was to see Kennedy’s burial site at Arlington Cemetery. The walk was a bit longer than we had realized, but it was awesome once we got there. It’s such a pretty, peaceful place, and Kennedy’s memorial is so simple yet elegant: just that little flame burning. It was so nice.

Then we hopped on the train and went back home. We got a lot done for one day.

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