Manifest Destiny 2015

The Scariest Walmart on Earth

Okay, so today was mostly uneventful to let’s see if I can bang out this entry quickly cuz I’m exhausted from that first one.

I started the day off by playing some roulette. I hadn’t gotten to gamble too much, so I decided to take my last opportunity. As previously mentioned in my last entry, I wound up putting my faith on black. I should have picked red. Oh well. I ended my gambling streak with one last visit to a slot machine, and won $5. Let’s not talk about what was lost.

We ate breakfast at the hotel. We all chose pretty basic options, except for Justin and Matthew, who got giant donuts. Really though, these things were huge. Justin ate more than Matthew, who mostly licked off the frosting and then ate fruit instead. If only we all had that willpower.

After a quick stop at the rental car place, we were on the road to California. I was in the jeep with Justin, Owen, and Auntie Brenda, while everyone else was packed into the family truckster–I mean, minivan. We dubbed our car “the quiet car.” But really we spent a lot of our time jamming out to tunes and praying that Justin and Owen would stop playing with the whistles they won at the New York New York arcade. We also spent a little bit of time playing the alphabet game, and “find the cactus,” a game I invented in which you look for a cactus. Fun fact, there are a lot of cacti in the desert, and this game turned out to be not fun.

We made a pit stop in Barstow, California, near Fort Irwin where the Solomons used to live. We thought it might be a fun trip down memory lane for Brenda. Well, that would have been the case if “memory lane” was a bit less like Skid Row. We stopped at the Walmart in Barstow to stock up on snacks and supplies for our hotel, and dear god this place was scary. Later I found out that Barstow was one of the crystal meth capitals of the United States. Let’s just say that I can verify that from one trip to Walmart. We also waited at McDonalds for a half hour before we got our food. At least it tasted fine. Though, if we all end up with e coli, I think we’ll all know the source.

The drive was pretty cool overall. We went from stark desert, surrounded by mountains and clay, and it slowly transitioned to include shrubs, palm trees, and other desert flora.

Now we are back at the hotel. A group went downstairs to the pool, the boys went to play basketball, and I sat in the hotel room wrestling with my blog from earlier. Let’s just say the photo uploader was not my friend. I don’t want to talk about it. And pizza will be here soon.

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