Manifest Destiny 2015

Hang Ten, Dude.

We drove about 30 minutes from Anaheim to Manhattan Beach. Today was a much more low key day, which was welcome after our fast-paced days at Disneyland. We parked near the beach and took the opportunity to walk around a little bit. It was a really gorgeous beach: quiet, peaceful, bright blue water. We saw a surf camp with all kinds of little kids running around with surfboards. We could tell they were from somewhere else, like us, because we heard a few of them saying “It’s like I’m a California dude!”

We also got to walk around the famous Manhattan Beach Pier, the oldest concrete pier on the west coast. As we walked to the end, we realized that the little building at the edge housed a mini-aquarium. Matthew was thrilled. We got to couch some starfish and everything. They also had some really big moray eels. I couldn’t tell if they were smiling at me or opening their mouths to bite… Eh they were pretty cool regardless. OH and I saw another sting ray, and he hopped out of the water against the class towards Owen. Sting rays are the coolest. On our way back down the pier, we passed some real surfers: ponytails and all. They caught some waves and we got to watch.

After the pier we went to Pancho’s, a Mexican restaurant and an old favorite of Grampa’s from when he would go on business in LA. It did not disappoint. We inhaled the chips and salsa, and I had the best chimichanga of my life. Nice and crispy. They had apparently gotten an award for the best margarita in town.

Following dinner, Mom, Stacey, Brenda and I walked around some of the little shops around Manhattan Beach. Most of them were clothing boutiques, which wasn’t the kind of place we wanted to go for knick knacks or souvenirs. Finally we found a store called “Udderly Perfect,” a little building painted like a cow. Everyone found something in there that fit their fancy. The three of them got matching sweatshirts and some mini-surfboards. I was happy with my postcards.

Now we are at the hotel. Matthew did some swimming, Justin and Owen played some basketball, everyone else treated themselves to the free wine and beer at the restaurant, and I’ve been writing blogs all afternoon. I feel good now that I’m caught up. Phew. Tomorrow: Hollywood!

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