Manifest Destiny 2015

The Hotel That’s Stuck in the 70s

Early this morning, Auntie Brenda, Justin and Owen left for home in Virginia, leaving six of us to continue on our journey. From this point on, our trip was less about seeing the big cities of California and seeing the natural wonders of the western US. Today marked the start of our journey to Yosemite National Park. Grampa, Auntie Stacey, Matthew and Mom started their day by going to breakfast and taking one last look at the sea lions on Pier 39. Memere and I took the opportunity to sleep in. Around noon we packed up the car and started out on our journey.

We drove across the Bay Bride, through Oakland, and took a pit stop in Livermore Valley, a region famous for its wine. Naturally, we visited a vineyard, Concannon Winery. Mom, Auntie Stacey and I sampled six wines while Memere, Grampa and Matthew enjoyed the picnic area. While all three of us were traditionally fans of white wine, at Concannon, even the reds were light and sweet. We also all tried port, which we had never tried before. It was really sweet, but we liked it. We left with three bottles, a chardonnay, a petit syrah, and a cabernet (which was pretty good, and I usually don’t like cabernet.) Our sommelier was very nice, and she taught us that you can tell how sweet a wine is based on how long it takes for the legs on the glass to fall back into the liquid. Look how much you learn on vacation. We spent a little while sitting in the picnic area, enjoying the weather. After spending about an hour at the winery, we were back on the road.

We drove a bit further on the highway, then found ourselves on smaller hilly roads. Before we knew it, we were crossing over the Sierra Nevadas and finding our way to our hotel in Oakhurst. It’s a charming little place, built on a series of hills. Upon entering our room, we were greeted by large murals and patterned furniture. The bathroom’s furnishings were brown, and decorated with a lovely basket of flowers on the tile. Very 1970s.

We settled in and ordered pizza for dinner. Matthew got to try out the pool while the adults sorted out our laundry. It was all in all a relaxing day.

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