Manifest Destiny 2015

Doing What Crocker Girls Do Best

After looking up what there is to do in Denver (not much), we realized that our time might be better spent in neighboring Boulder. A college town, Boulder had a nice pedestrian walking area with shops and restaurants, so we thought that was more up our alley. After a two hour drive from Laramie, we entered Colorado, with a beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

We drove into Bolder and I immediately fell in love with the character. The whole town is made up of cute craftsman homes and local shops, as well as your old standards like Target and Starbucks. After a quick stop for a Happy Meal, Mom, Memere, Auntie and I headed over to the Pearl Street Mall, leaving Grampa and Matthew to explore the Museum of Natural History at the nearby University of Colorado.

The Pearl Street Mall is a pedestrian walkway made up mostly of locally-owned shops and restaurants, with a few chain places thrown in, like a Lush, and a Starbucks (of course.) Starbucks was our first stop, for a little refresher before we got to serious shopping. We also picked up some of the “You Are Here” mugs from Starbucks that were all Colorado themed. Gotta build up the collection.

From there, we were off on our shopping adventure, and in our natural habitat. Mom, Auntie, and I were all on jewelry hunts. Memere had said that if we found anything, she would buy it for us for our birthdays. Auntie’s birthday is this month, which makes sense. However, Mom (November) and I (January) seemed a bit distant for that deal. But it was a nice option to have. Many of the shops in the area were craft stores that got their wares from local artisans. We saw lots of cool stuff, but we had to be picky, considering that our luggage was already very full.

We went in one craft store that had a selection of jewelry from Colorado. Even more of their collections were from different towns in Massachusetts. We found that to be ironic, and decided to stay clear away from buying anything that we could (apparently) get at home. After walking down the street a few times and going back and forth on a few pieces of jewelry, I finally decided on a rusty red pendant that looks very southwestern-y. A very fitting token of my trip. Happy early birthday to me.

After we had worked up an appetite, the group recollected, and we dined at an Italian restaurant on the Pearl Street strip. Their bread and oil was on point, and they had quite possibly the best chicken broccoli and ziti I’ve ever had. I ate until I could eat no more.

We settled in to the last hotel on our trip and spent some time doing some last minute packing and reorganizing. It’s been real, Western US. Tomorrow, I take my leave.

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