Alpine Adventure 2018

Annecy Day 1: One Box of Swiss Chocolate Is Never Enough

Today was mostly a transportation day, but we still had quite a few adventures. We started with another hotel breakfast, which was just as tasty as the one before. Then we all hopped onto the bus and started making our way westward towards France.


Our first stop would be Interlaken, which we were only stopping at for a coffee/bathroom break. On our way, we got a bit of a reminder from Jeurgen about the questionable history of Switzerland, considering we’d been gushing about them a little too much. I mean, obviously it’s gorgeous there. Perhaps so gorgeous to ignore the potential money laundering and Nazi funding. But I mean the COWS.


We were only in Interlaken for about thirty minutes. We ran into a convenience store to get a Diet Coke and run to the bathroom. But while we were there we also saw a ton of people hangliding, and also a giant tour of tourists in matching pink and purple gradient sweatshirts. We asked where our matching sweatshirts were.


We continued to drive a bit further until we made it to Bern, Switzerland, its capital. The first thing we saw in Bern was its bear habitat. The symbol of the city of Bern is the bear, so they have a little mini-zoo to house its five resident bears, right along the river. They were pretty cute…until some tourists started throwing bread at them. That was in poor taste.

We walked from the river to the inner part of the city. Our first stop was to see the famous clock that supposedly did a cool cuckoo clock thing once an hour. It was so underwhelming. Like, I took a video and then deleted it, it was that bad.


Then we walked a little further into town, where we got some lunch in a food court. It was actually pretty good. I had what was essentially a hot dog in a croissant and a small salad. Pretty solid. After lunch we hopped over to a chocolate shop to get one more box of Swiss chocolate. God they know what they’re doing with the chocolate in Switzerland.

We popped around a few more souvenir shops and got lost on some side streets. Before we knew it, we were back on the bus—though this time around we were the “late” people everyone else was waiting on. Only two minutes late! But we had a bit of a fiasco involving the ATM machine that had us running up the hill to the bus.

After a bit more time on the bus, we made another stop at a rest stop featuring painted cows. That’s really all that happened here. Not too exciting. Just some painted cows.


And then our last stop before Annecy was to this overhang where you got a panoramic view of this canyon. There was also a bridge over the canyon, so we took pictures of both.

Finally we reached Annecy and settled into our hotel. This one was not as nice as our Swiss one, but it was decent. We got two beds separate beds rather than the two twin beds squished together. Also we had a beautiful scenic view of the local train depot. Not quite as good as our view of the Swiss Alps.

After settling in, we headed into town with our tour group. We had debated over whether to just stay in and go to dinner at the hotel, or to go into town, but I’m glad we did. We got really gorgeous views of the town at dusk. We were a little nervous of what Annecy would hold when we were driving in. It looked a lot more modern and new compared to pretty old Lucerne. But as we started walking downtown, we realized we were just saying in the “new city.” The old city is as pretty as a postcard from every angle.

We kept it as an easy night. We did a little of walking around, stopped at a pub for burgers and a glass of wine. From there we took a few pictures in the pretty light and then headed back to our hotel, tired from a long day on the road but excited to explore the next day.

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