Alpine Adventure 2018

Munich Day 1: Ich Bin Ein Münchner

We grabbed breakfast at our hotel in Innsbruck, which was served from the penthouse of the building. It had a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding city, so that was nice.


It was a quick hop from Innsbruck to Munich, no more than three hours with a bathroom stop. Soon we were in Munich and watching the Glockenspiel spin around. It was less underwhelming than Bern’s clock, but still pretty underwhelming.


Soon we were being set loose for lunch. We were offered the option to go to the market for lunch. We thought it would be similar to the one in Annecy, with the bread and the fresh fruit and cheese and stuff. Well, welcome to Germany. Our options were sausage and sausage. Jen managed to find a place that had chicken nuggets and fries (served in a cone, mind you). I found some currywurst, which I’d had before. It’s sausage with tomato sauce and curry powder and fries. It was pretty good.


Next we had our tour of Munich. It started off with a walking tour of the Residenz, or the royal palace of Bavaria. This place was really pretty. Like your typical palace, it was dipped in gold and ornately painted and gorgeous. There were a couple of cool rooms. One had a façade mosaic made completely out of seashells. That was really neat, I’d never seen anything like it. There was also a hall of Roman busts to pay tribute to the classical era. I liked that room because not only did it feature Roman emperors and senators and such, but also some famous Roman women. Yay girl power!


The throne room was also gorgeous. One of the girls on our tour introduced us into the room saying, “Welcome to my room! Do you like my chair?” So then we all pretended to be royal. I have so little practice doing that.


One thing that was also really cool was that Ludwig I, the king who commissioned a lot of the paintings in the rooms, really liked Pompeii and modeled a lot of the walls’ paintings off of those at Pompeii. Having been to Pompeii recently, I could very clearly see the comparison. The colors and patterns looked very much like those of the ancient Romans.


While the palace was really cool, I think everyone can agree that the next part of our Munich tour was probably the low point of our whole tour to this point. We took a driving tour of the city from the bus. But we were stuck in traffic. And we had like minutes between each “site.” And of course those sites were like, “look at this church.” “The Nazis walked here once.” “The Greeks had influence in this building.” And it lasted like two hours. We were all done.


Luckily soon we were at the hotel, which was a little far out from town but very nice. Our bathroom had a big tub and the air conditioning went all the way down to sixty. SIXTY. So we bathed in the delightful glow of the air conditioning and waited to meet for dinner.


We gathered with a little “crew,” including Tara, Randy, Stella, Catherine, Tikka, Mike, Steph, Marcel, Jen and I, and we headed down to the Biergarten down the street from our hotel. While the rest of the day was kind of a flop, the Biergarten was the absolute highlight. We all gathered around with our giant plates of schnitzel and our liters of beer, having to pull two tables together to have enough room for the whole group. We left the hotel at 6:30pm and stayed out till 10:30 laughing our asses off. And then on our way out, Catherine stole one of the beer mugs (after being told not to) and put it in a box she found on the floor so that was hilarious. Then on the way back home we passed by a group of people at another bar with a very excited German shepherd and we showed them that she stole a mug. They laughed and put their shot glasses in her mug and told her to take those too.


(Me in both my staged and natural state)

By the time we’d gotten to the hotel, I’d had almost 2 liters of beer so I filled up my water bottle, took a shower, and collapsed in my bed with the A/C on high.

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